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Alexander Technique Masterclass with Don Weed D.C. Wednesday 1st June

This enjoyable and informative session offers an opportunity to work with one of the most pioneering teachers of the Alexander Technique. Don will introduce you to his unique approach to the Alexander Technique – the Interactive Teaching Method (ITM). Don’s … Continue reading

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So-called Concentration

One of the things I love about Alexander’s books is that even though the most recent of them is almost 75 years old, the ideas in them still seem fresh and revolutionary. I came across one of these breathtaking ideas … Continue reading

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A New Hope

What are the benefits of studying the Alexander Technique? It’s a good question and one that I am often asked. I have experienced many benefits from the Alexander technique but perhaps one of the most significant has been the rediscovery … Continue reading

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Bringing more practical intelligence into my running

I met up with a friend recently, a runner.  She has been experiencing some injury problems over the past year and at the time we met she was considering how she could resolve them.  I listened while she talked through her options. Eventually she … Continue reading

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Talking about the Alexander Technique

When I meet someone for the first time there is often a moment when they ask me, ” So, what is it that you do? ” When I tell them that I’m an Alexander Technique teacher they usually ask, “What’s … Continue reading

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