About David

What I do now

I am currently teaching the Alexander Technique in Edinburgh. I am a member of the Interactive Teaching Method Teachers Association (ITMTA). I hold full insurance and work according to a strict code of conduct.

How I found the Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique was not my intended career. I trained as a geophysicist and completed a PhD in electromagnetics at the University of Edinburgh.

Shortly afterwards, while working as an environmental modeller, I began to suffer from RSI. The problem particularly affected my arms and wrists. Over time my condition got worse and none of the conventional medical treatments helped me.

Eventually I tried the Alexander Technique. The teacher challenged me with the idea that I might be creating my own difficulties by the inefficient way that I was going about my tasks. We began to work on better ways of moving and slowly my condition improved until I was able to return to a full and active life.

Why I changed careers

I continued to take Alexander lessons and I found that I didn’t just return to my initial condition. As I became more interested in Alexander’s ideas and learnt to apply them I found that I could do more and achieve better results.

I decided that I wanted to find out as much about the Technique as I could so I enrolled in the ITM’s 4-year teacher training course. I graduated in 2012.

What else do I do?

I live in Edinburgh and enjoy its culture and music. I enjoy hill walking. I love sport; I run regularly and play squash. I also follow tennis, cricket and almost anything else that involves hitting or passing a ball.