How can it help me?

Alexander’s vision

Alexander made some big claims for his work.

He claimed that the kind of control that we can gain from learning his new way of thinking would take us to the next stage of our evolution.  He said that the reward available to us is the complete realisation of all of our potential.

What benefits might I get?

Because learning Alexander’s work means learning a different way of thinking its benefits stretch into everything that you think about.

You can choose to study the Alexander Technique in as much depth as you like and some benefits are felt sooner than others.

Here are some benefits that you might experience.

Short term benefits

If you apply the mental disciplines that Alexander used then you can find:

  • An increase in your efficiency & effectiveness.
  • An improvement in your quality of movement.

Long term benefits

You can rediscover forgotten possibilities
  • Uncovering and examining assumptions about how you do things is an opportunity to choose whether you want to change. As you challenge your assumptions and processes you may find that you can do things that your old strategies made impossible. If you decide to change in response to what you discover then this can effect your whole life.
Reach your goals more easily and achieve more
  • It is possible to learn Alexander’s work completely but there is ALWAYS something new that you can apply it to.  As you learn to design and follow better processes to reach your goals you can achieve them more easily.  This increase in efficiency & effectiveness means that you can do more.
Enjoy even the most routine tasks
  • An increase in personal happiness is something that Alexander said that he experienced.  He claimed that we have made many of our everyday tasks automatic and unconscious.  As a result they have become indifferent to us.  By learning to approach each task as a puzzle to be solved in the most elegant manner, we can regain an interest in tasks that have become mundane and we can learn to move with ease and grace.

Live life to the maximum

Alexander challenged us to take up “every occupation with the whole mind, with a living desire to carry each action through to a successful accomplishment, a desire which necessitates bringing into play every faculty of the attention.”

This is a great way to live.