What happens in an ITM Alexander Technique Lesson?

It varies because in an ITM lesson the teacher works with the ideas and activities that the pupil brings to the lesson.

In a typical lesson the teacher works with the pupil on an activity of the pupil’s choice. This may be a specialised activity like dancing or playing a musical instrument, or an everyday activity like sitting or walking. It might be an activity that is causing the pupil discomfort or fatigue, or something they would just like to do better.

Through observation, questions and gentle manipulation the teacher will look for the ideas that the pupil is following to carry out their activity. Where the pupil is acting on ideas that are holding them back then the teacher will challenge these with the same tools of questioning and gentle hands-on manipulation.

Do I need any special equipment or clothes?

No. Everyday clothes are fine and no special equipment is required.

If you would like to work on an activity that requires equipment then this can be easily accommodated but please discuss your requirements with me ahead of class.

How many people are in a class?

You can take lessons individually or you can work in a small group, perhaps with friends or family.  Individual lessons give privacy and allow us to focus all of the time on your chosen activity.  Group lesson give the added opportunity to hear other people’s questions and to watch their lessons.  This can help you in your own learning.

To start a group class or enquire about one to one lessons please email David at enquiries@thinkinactivity.co.uk.