Alexander Technique Classes in Edinburgh

The Alexander Technique has been helping people to improve their coordination and performance for over a hundred years.

I teach Alexander’s work in Edinburgh, working with both groups and individuals.

I run most of my classes on Wednesday evenings from the Neal’s Yard Therapy Rooms on Hanover Street but other arrangements are also possible.

You can book one of my classes by contacting me by phone or email.

Details of all of my classes are given below.

Introductory Class

My introductory classes cost £40 per person.

They begin with a presentation of the basic ideas behind the Alexander Technique. Participants also have the opportunity to experience the application of these ideas in a short, hands-on lesson.

Classes are for up to 3 people and last for 45 minutes.

Short Course

Short courses include 6 sessions and cost £180 for an individual or £150 per person for groups of 2 or more.

A short course lets you explore the Alexander Technique in more depth over a series of lessons.

Courses are for up to 3 people at a time. Sessions last for 30 minutes (an individual), 45 minutes (2 people), or 60 minutes (3 people).

First-time participants also receive a free copy of ‘Reach Your Dreams’, the introductory book that forms part of this course.

One-to-one Classes

A 30-minute lesson for an individual. This format suits those who wish to spend a full lesson on their chosen activity or want to work in a more private setting than a group class.

One-to-one classes cost £35.