Alexander Technique – is it for me?

Think of yourself at work, a hobby, playing sport, or in your simple everyday activities.

Does the quality of your performance fall short of your expectations?

Do the things that you do tire you beyond reason?

If this sounds like you then let me ask you a question.

Is there something about the way that you go about your activities that is causing your problems?

This is a question that has been asked before.  It is the question that the founder of the Alexander Technique asked himself.  When F. M. Alexander faced problems that threatened his continuation in the career he loved it was this question that he pursued to a solution.

The Alexander Technique can help you to explore this question as it applies to your life and your activities.

In a lesson we will look at how your ideas about movement affect the movements that you make.  Lessons usually involve discussion (even argument) about ideas, accompanied by gentle hands-on work from your teacher.  Through this process you can begin to leave behind unhelpful ideas and learn to move with greater freedom and ease.

By applying what you learn in lessons to the rest of your life you can improve your performance and achieve greater success in your daily activities, whatever they may be.